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Mrs Mari Palmer

Headteacher and Class Teacher in Class 4 - Year 5 and 6

Mrs Kate Hind - Class 1 Teacher- Year Reception and Year 1 Mrs Rebecca England - Class 3 Teacher - Year 3 & 4
Mrs Caryl Shephard - Class 4 Teacher - Year 5 and 6 Mrs Emily Smeaton - Class 1 Teacher - Reception and Year 1 



Mrs Catherine Coverdale - Teaching Assistant and HLTA in Class 2 Miss Ellie Johnson - Class 2 Teacher - Year 2
Mrs Ruth Hodgson - Teaching Assistant
 Mrs Sarah Dixon - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Suzanne Branston - Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisory Assistant  Mrs Charlotte Hardwick - Teaching Assistant




Mrs Sharon Wood - Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisory Assistant  Mrs Kate Towse - Office Manager







Mrs Helen Driver - Admin Assistant Mrs Nicola Jesse - Admin Assistant







Mrs Fiona Robinson - School Bursar Mrs Sally Leeson - School cook 
Mrs Susan Darley - Midday Supervisory Assistant           
Ms Kirsty Lund - Midday Supervisory Assistant 
Mrs Ann Tindall - Supply Midday Supervisory Assistant   
  Mrs Vicky Allanby - Cleaner/Caretaker 

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